What are the differences between Somnox 1 and Somnox 2?

Somnox 1 and Somnox 2 are both Breathe & Sleep Companions. They help you fall asleep faster, easier, and more peacefully so that you can wake up fully rested. They do this with a unique technology that they have developed: a natural simulation of breathing movement.

The basic functions of Somnox 1 and Somnox 2 are the same. Somnox breathes with you. You can have Somnox measure your breathing and automatically adjust to it. By holding the Somnox, you can feel the breathing rhythm and take it over (unconsciously). In this way, you can relax by slowing down your breathing. You can also do breathing exercises.

In addition, Somnox can play soothing music, nature sounds, or white noise. These sounds help to relax and enhance the calming effect of Somnox. This makes it easier to fall asleep.

With the mobile app, you can easily adjust the settings of Somnox to your personal preferences. In the app, you can change the breathing or choose soothing music and sounds.

Somnox 2 is much smaller than Somnox 1. The smaller size also makes Somnox 2 lighter. The weight has been reduced from 2.3 kg to 1.8 kg. People who turn a lot in their sleep can therefore take the Breathe & Sleep Companion with them more easily whilst turning.

Somnox 2 has a battery with a larger capacity (almost twice as large), which makes the battery last longer. This means that Somnox 2 needs to be charged less for longer use. The battery is charged with a USB-C charger.

Somnox 2 has a new button panel. This makes it easier to find the clearly visible buttons at night to re-activate the Breathe & Sleep Companion if necessary.

A significant difference in experience is that Somnox 2 has a larger breathing surface than Somnox 1. The breathing has also been moved to the abdomen of the Breathe & Sleep Companion, so you can feel the breathing on your hand as well as on your body.

Somnox 2 has memory foam in the pillow. This way, Somnox 2 adapts to you. With the help of even softer fabrics, the washable cover has been optimised.

Somnox 2 has improved sensors so that your breathing is measured even more accurately. The renewed Somnox Sense algorithm ensures that your breathing is brought down even more gradually. The speaker of Somnox 2 has been greatly improved in volume and sound quality. The sound of the speaker can now be adjusted in the app.

Somnox 2 also has a new function: the snore sensor. The snore sensor detects snoring and gently adjusts the breathing rhythm to reduce snoring.